Adrienne van Swan

PRESS RELEASE, January 2007

Adrienne Van Swan, the artistic medium of photography represents a deep language with which she translates the world around her info sensitive, dreamlike creations that convey intensely personal message. A handicap suffered in the early youth by this german master of the digital image led her to explore the illusory nature of the world we live in, caturing her findings in pixel on paper, like an expiorer of uncharted domains. Van Swan uses the lens of her camera to chronicle the dephts of the human soul. Her compositions are a fusion of the real and imaginary, in which she takes familiar elements of the everyday world and transforms them into photographic dreamscapes; the amagalmation of unrelated elements transmuting into a compelling reflection of the artist‘s vision of humanity. The emotional dimension is creatively expressed in works like “Child Soul“, where the reflected image in the innocent eye of a small child takes on the characteristics of fantastic nostalgia, inviting the viewer to an array of poignant interpretations. Adrienne Van Swan lives and works in Saarbruecken, Germany.


Adrienne van Swan
October 2006 - October 2007:
AGORA Gallery, Chelsea, New York online Exhibition

January 2007 - February 2007:
AGORA Gallery, Chelsea, New York Exhibition

March - April 2008:
Galerie-, und Kunsthaus, Bochum/Wattenscheid

since January 2008 until today:
White Wall online art market

Agora Gallery
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Adrienne van Swan